2001 Indian Chief Centennial Anniversary Edition

2001 Indian Chief 100th Anniversary Edition

First Reviewed August 10, 2009 Found in American Motorcycle Reviews, Indian Motorcycles
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Indian Motorcycles has long claimed to be "America's First Motorcycle", citing initial 1901 models as the true heritage of the US motorcycle industry.

In 2001, Indian Motorcycles introduced a 100th Anniversary Edition Indian Chief model christened the "Centennial" which featured a 1500cc S&S engine. Only 250 were produced making them highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

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  1. John Browning says:

    My brother had one of these for about 3 years before he sold it back in 2008. I can’t comment on the overall value, but I do know that it had an incredibly smooth ride and was very reliable…for the few miles that it was driven. Never seemed to age either. But then again, the bike lived a sheltered life while my brother had it.

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